• Q – Are you insured and bonded? ?
    A – Insurance is one of the most important considerations for us, because lack of the right coverage can put you out of business overnight. For your protection as well as ours, our maids, housekeepers, contractors, supervisors and your house are full insured and bonded.
  • Q – How many persons will clean my home?
    A – We find the most efficient way of cleaning your house is with 2 maids / housekeepers or teams of 3 to 4 people, 1 of whom is a team supervisor. Each cleaner / housekeeper is given a specific task while in your home.
  • Q – Do I have to be home when the housekeeper/s cleans my house?
    A – No, not if you don’t want to. In fact, most of our customers prefer to have their homes cleaned while they are at work.
  • Q – How can I be sure your cleaning service fits my requirements?
    A – We provide you a detailed account of our regular house cleaning process. It has been developed from listening to our clients what most customers have told us they want. If you have special requirements and would like to add extra services to your cleaning, we will work with you to produce a custom clean.
  • Q – What forms of payment do you accept, how do I pay?
    A – You can pay with Visa/MasterCard/Cash/Checks. The most efficient method of payment is to leave your credit card details with us (for online bookings, just fill out your details in our secured section) or you may make arrangements with our customer service representative by phone.
  • Q – Do I have to sign a contract to hire your cleaning service?
    A – No, there is no contract to bind you to our service. You can start and end anytime you want, giving us a 15 days notice to terminate our service. This is because we believe in customer retention through excellent service, not contractual terms.
  • Q – What do I have to provide for the cleaning?
    A – For regular housekeeping, you have to provide us with the necessary equipment like vacuum, mop, sponges, buckets and gloves and yourown cleaning products as you will know what you find comfortable with. (WE WILL PROVIDE CLEANING SUPPLIES UPON REQUEST)
  • Q – The house cleaning work have any guarantee?
    A – Our major goal is Customer Satisfaction. MDV Residential Cleaning Service backs all of its work with 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with the work. Please call within 24 hours of the clean and will we re-clean it – at no additional charge.